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What should you shell out on a wedding present if you’re the maid of honor? What should you tip the pizza delivery guy if it’s pouring rain outside? Does “no gifts” REALLY mean no gifts?

Do you stress over ethical spending dilemmas like these? Everybody wants to stand out, but sometimes, you just want to fit in with the crowd. Whether you’re clueless or just curious, What Should I Spend is here to help!

Want some inside advice? Look around the website and consult our expert interviews and commentaries. Most importantly though, check out our survey results and visitor comments to see what other people are spending in the same situation. Consider yourself in the know? Take part in our surveys and help others by sharing your own spending practices.

What Should I Spend is a guide to help get you through those sticky spending situations with a little less stress. Etiquette is subjective though, so this site is counting on you to be part of the process. While we hope coming here will help lead you to the answers you’re looking for, here at What Should I Spend, the spending debate is just starting!




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