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What should I spend on an engagement present for a close friend?


Your friend just got hitched and you couldn’t be happier to toast the bride and groom to be. And between the bridal shower, the bachelor or bachelorette party and the wedding itself, there will no doubt be plenty of opportunities. So with all these celebrations and the accompanying costs, should you also spring for an engagement gift? If so, what should you spend?

See what people are saying or share some insight below. And feel free to explain your opinion in further detail by leaving a comment.

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  1. Tom Veil says:

    Hey brides and grooms to be, if you want a present, go through with the wedding, and we’ll get you one then. Anyone can get engaged. It’s a wedding that’s special.

  2. MH says:

    I think a card is sufficient, unless there’s an engagement party.

  3. YayHeather says:

    Honestly, unless I’m going to a party, I don’t usually buy engagement presents, even for close friends. I might send a little something or a nice card though. And I may actually be more likely to give a small gift or buy dinner for friends if we’re not as close and it’s not assumed I’ll be invited to the wedding – that way I can still show my excitement if I don’t get a chance to buy a shower or wedding present.

  4. Curious says:

    I would probably give my engagement present in the form of a dinner or drinks. I think of the bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding gifts as must-dos, and an engagement gift only necessary if there’s an engagement party. Usually I might go in on that engagement gift for an engagement party with a group of friends, but it’d be a smaller contribution than for the other presents.

  5. SoHappy says:

    I’d spend a bit more than I usually would, just so it feels like a special gift when I’m giving it and not just an obligation. Also I would want my friend to know how happy I am for them. All bets on presents are off though if it’s a friend you’d rather take out for drinks. ;)


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